About us

Dear colleagues and partners!

Lipetsk Machine Tool Plant is a well-known Russian manufacturer of high-precision grinding equipment. We gain confidence of our Customers, both in Russia and in CIS-countries, through strict adherence to Russian (Soviet) quality standards and production control at all stages.

Lipetsk Machine Tool Plant carries out an active innovation policy by implementing the latest technologies and attracting the best specialists, establishes new business relations with foreign partners and strengthens ties with regular Customers, develops dealer network. As a consequence, we successfully entered the international market, and thousands of Customers appreciate us for our high-quality products.

Being the only certified manufacturer of grinding equipment in Russia, we are aiming to make our products unique. For that purpose we always work at design and quality refinement and stand for protection of our trade mark. The Customers can get acquainted with the results of our work at international exhibitions, both in Russia and abroad. Thanks to the constant expansion of the seller’s market our machines successfully work in more than 15 countries with different climatic conditions and in many spheres of machine engineering.

Buying Lipetsk Machine Tool metal-working machines, you get:

  1. High production quality
  2. Perfect design
  3. Optimal compromise of price and quality
  4. Commissioning service
  5. Warranty service
  6. Customized machine design
  7. Optional accessories for expanding of the purchased machines’ capacity
  8. Consultations on production technology and correct operation of our equipment.

We look forward to become your regular supplier of metal-working equipment.

Yours sincerely,
Lipetsk Machine-Tool Plant Staff