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Magnetic separator for coolant treatment SML-150

magnetic separator for coolant treatment sml-150
You see the analogs of magnetic separators x-43-43 (Russia) - model SML-150.     Coolant-cutting fluids are cleaned of small magnetic particles with their help. Such particles can be present in a mixture with abrasive and other non-magnetic substances. Besides you can buy our analogs of magnetic separators x43-44 and 43-45, respectively, in the form of models СМЛ-100 and СМЛ-50.
What is a magnetic separator for?

It allows you to clean water emulsions based on mineral oils.
It is used to clean a coolant-cutting fluid from small magnetic elements.
Due to the use of a magnetic separator, the surface finish of the part is improved. This contributes to an increase in the duration of the use of coolants on machines with a working tool in the form of an abrasive material.

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