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Vertical milling machine, model 6L13

vertical milling machine, model 6l13
The vertical milling machine of the 6L13 console model is designed for milling flat surfaces with end, cylindrical and other milling cutters - hereinafter referred to as the machine.
The machine is easy to operate, has high precision and rigidity. Due to its multi-functionality, the machine is suitable for work in core industries, repair and tool shops both in piece and large-lot production. The machine can be equipped with a universal dividing head, a rotary table, a vise, a set of universal fastening tools, collet chucks.
Climatic version - NF in accordance with GOST 15150. Machine accuracy class – H.
Supply: within 90-120 days after receiving the prepayment.

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The vertical milling machine, model 6L13, has the following features and options:
- the vertical milling head rotates at + 45 °.
- spindle quill vertical movement.
- protection screen of the working area.
- automatic and accelerated feed of the working table along three axes.
- hardened guides for improved machining accuracy.
- high motors power and a wide range of speeds provide high cutting speed when using hard-alloyed cutting tools.
- machine high strength allows for heavy-duty processing.
- complete lubrication and cooling system.
- DRO as an option.

Standard supply

  • Foundation bolts and nuts
  • Working lamp
  • User’s guide
  • Milling mandrels - d. 32 d. 40
  • Service tool
  • Protection screen at working area

Options and additional supply

  • Dividing head 100 mm
  • Rotary table
  • Rotary machine vise
  • Collet chuck ISO50 with collets set
  • Universal fastening tools set
  • Milling mandrels, at the customer request
  • Cooling unit complete with magnetic separator
  • Electromechanical tool clamping head

Warranty for "Vertical milling machine, model 6L13"

The warranty service period for the machine is 12 months from the date of shipment.