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OD grinding machine 3D4230

od grinding machine 3d4230
The OD grinding machine, model 3D4230 is used to regrind crank pins and main journals of the crankshafts of the engines of tractors and cars at the time of performing the necessary repair work.

Manufacturing time
Within a period of about 90 days!
We will carry out
check out and start up
Grinding is carried out by manual plunge-in of the grinding wheel. OD grinding machine 3D4230 is suitable for processing smooth cylindrical and conical surfaces, the taper angle of which is 3°30'. You can regrind the main journals of the crankshafts not only in the centers, but also in the chucks
Model 3D4230 has accuracy rate B according to GOST 8-82. Accuracy rate A is also available upon individual order and for a separate surcharge.
A number of kinematic chains gives the machine the ability to perform various necessary movements:
- to rotate the item and the grinding wheel;
- to promptly (with the help of hydraulics) bring in and out the grinding wheelhead;
- to carry out the cross feed of the grinding wheel manually;
- to move the table manually, as well as with the help of a hydraulic drive;
- to make axial movement of the deadhead spindle;
- to move the chucks vertically.

Standard supply

  • Electricity closet
  • Steady rest
  • Grinding wheel faceplate
  • Device for adjustment of the grinding wheel periphery
  • Straight claws
  • Service tools
  • Device for horizontal installation of a workpiece
  • Template for vertical installation of a workpiece
  • Device for removing and lifting the wheel
  • Mandrel for the grinding wheel balancing
  • Thrust centers
  • External claws