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Bed-type surface-grinding machine LSh2045

bed-type surface-grinding machine lsh2045

Surface-grinding machines, model LSh2045, equipped with a bed table, allow processing the surfaces of parts with the periphery of the grinding wheel. This surface-grinding equipment with a full standard set of technological capabilities is suitable for single as well as small-scale production.


The fluoroplastic coating of the bed table X and Z guideways ensures movement stability and long-term precision. The table moves both longitudinally (due to the hydraulic cylinder) and transversely (in automatic mode).

The vertical feed occurs by the means of a servo drive. There is also an automated lubrication system for all mechanisms. This system provides high-precision procession and long-term operation (of both guides and parts that make up the kinematic chain).

Automatic grinding is performed along three coordinate axes, as a result - productivity significantly increases.

Standard supply

  • Grinding wheel
  • Lubricoolant system with magnetic separator
  • Grinding wheel flange
  • Key-puller of the grinding wheel flange
  • Mandrel for the grinding wheel balancing
  • Grinding wheel balancing device
  • Grinding wheel dresser complete with a diamond
  • Service tools
  • Working lamp