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Surface-grinding machine LSh321 with long table

surface-grinding machine lsh321 with long table

The surface-grinding machine LSh321 provides wide ranging technological capabilities for the processing of stepped surfaces of various parts made of hard alloys and difficult-to-machine materials.

The design of the surface-grinding machine with a long table LSh321 allows processing parts with a width of up to 800 mm with the periphery of the grinding wheel. This machine model is capable of cross movements with a high degree of accuracy.

Grinding is carried out in automatic mode along three coordinate axes, which ensures high productivity.

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- high wear resistance and movement low impedance due to reduced friction force;

- extension of the body parts service life.

The vertical and cross movement of the working units is carried out using ball screws.

The LSh321 machine is equipped with an automated guides lubrication system.

Standard supply

  • A set of electrical equipment
  • Lubricoolant supply agent
  • Electromagnetic plate
  • Complete hydraulic drive
  • Lubricant unit
  • Service tool
  • Mandrel for the grinding wheel balancing
  • Grinding wheel balancing mechanism
  • 3 axis movement indication
  • Grinding wheel flange
  • Scraper
  • Dressing diamond
  • User’s guide