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Bed-type surface-grinding machine LSh630-3F2

bed-type surface-grinding machine lsh630-3f2

New bed-type surface-grinding machines, model LSh630-3F2, are marked by simplified maintenance, increased reliability during operation, as well as expanded functionality. All this became possible thanks to a set of measures for renovation and modernization.

LSh630-3F2 model is distinguished by a high degree of rigidity. It is achieved due to the structural rationality of the foundation slab, column, compound rest, table, as well as the grinding wheelhead. This all adds up to clean machining and consistent Class B precision.


In the vertical direction, the grinding wheelhead is moved in a stationary column by means of ball screws.

LSh630-3F2 machine is equipped with a compound rest for table movements.

The movement in the cross and longitudinal direction occurs along the rolling guides.

Absolutely all the working movements of this equipment are automated.

Due to the machine kinematic scheme, the table can move both longitudinally and transversely; automatic feed is carried out horizontally and transversely. Besides an automated reverse of the support is provided.

The design features of the machine assembly units (including the spindle assembly) make it possible to use various modes, as well as combine various feeds and table speeds. The entire grinding process occurs only with a well-defined precision, but also roughness.

When making a special order, the reviewed equipment can be supplied with a digital indication device.

Standard supply

  • A set of electrical equipment based on the Delta controller
  • Lubricoolant supply agent
  • Lubricoolant magnetic cleaning separator
  • Complete hydraulic drive
  • Service tool
  • Mandrel for the grinding wheel balancing
  • Grinding wheel dresser
  • Grinding wheel flange
  • Scraper
  • Dressing diamond