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Console-type surface-grinding machine LShK80400

console-type surface-grinding machine lshk80400

«Lipetsk Machine Tool Enterprise» manufactures console-type surface grinding machines of the following models: LShK80200, LShK80300, LShK80400 and LShK80150.

The price for such equipment is quite reasonable especially considering the fact that it is possible to process the surfaces of large-sized parts not only with the end of the grinding wheel, but also with the periphery with a high level of accuracy.


The grinding wheelhead moves in a vertical direction due to an electric motor using a ball screw pair.

Fluoroplastic coating provides the high wear resistance of the guides for moving the table and column.

The vertical guides are highly accurate.

The design of the console grinding machines LShK80400 has an electronic handwheel for vertical feed control.

Standard supply

  • Grinding wheel
  • Lubricoolant system with magnetic separator
  • Grinding wheel flange
  • Key-puller
  • Mandrel for the grinding wheel balancing
  • Grinding wheel balancing device
  • Grinding wheel dresser complete with a diamond
  • Service tools
  • Automatic vertical feed