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Radial drilling machine 2L545

radial drilling machine 2l545
Radial drilling machine, model 2L545 is used to drill, grind, spotfacre and perforate various parts of small or medium size. The hole is drilled out using a clamp. The 2L545 machine has additional specialized auxiliary equipment: a chuck (with the possibility of quick change) and a tilting table. It is possible to quickly replace tools manually, not interrupting the operating machine.
The climatic version type of the reviewed machine equipment is NF4 in accordance with GOST 15150. The accuracy class – H, in accordance with GOST 8-82.

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The design of the machines of 2L545 series includes the following elements: bed, console, drive and spindle boxes, hydraulic clamp, lubricoolant system, electrical cabinet, as well as a number of other auxiliary equipment.
The main movement of the machine is the rotation of the spindle, which is moved by the feed mechanism.
The pole movement, which makes it possible to determine the place for drilling holes, is made up of the following movements: a circular movement of the console with the column, as well as a spindle box including a console guide. Due to the fact that the console together with the column can move both up and down, the required adjustment of the working height is provided.
The functioning of the entire system of mechanisms is provided by three independent electric motors.
The coolant is supplied by a pump.
The electric motor, which is located in the upper area of the spindle box, rotates the spindle and also feeds the spindle and the spindle box lubrication pump.
The electric motor that is installed in the upper area of the drive box moves the console up and down.
And as for the electric motor located in the rear area of the console, then with its participation the gear pump of the hydraulic system which is responsible for timely clamping and unclamping the column, the spindle box and the console, moves.

Standard supply

  • Box table
  • Halogen working area lighting
  • User’s guide

Options and additional supply

  • Rotary table
  • Rotary machine vise
  • Quick-change drill chuck
  • Tool chuck with cylindrical shank
  • Adapter sleeves

Warranty for "Radial drilling machine 2L545"

Warranty maintenance period for machines is 12 months from the date of shipment.

Useful information:

Maintenance of machine
Replacement of the lubrication station filter