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Drilling and milling machine SF3525

drilling and milling machine sf3525
The universal drilling and milling machines, models SF3525 Plus and SF5035 Plus produced by the Lipetsk Machine-Tool Enterprise is used to perform drilling, countersinking, reaming, threading and milling operations in piece and serial production.

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Design features:
     The machines are equipped with a rotary spindle head at an angle of ± 45 °.
    Large bed table for drilling and milling with positioning.
    Rigid grey cast iron construction with box column and flat spindle head movement guides.
    Stageless spindle speeds control.
    DRO in two axes - the value of the spindle speed and the depth of cut are displayed with a digital indicator.
    Feed box with electromagnetic clutch.
    The drives with hardened and precision ground quality steel gear wheels ensure smooth and quiet operation.
    Reinforced spindle with tool removal device.
    Cooling system and protection screen of the cutting area. The screen is synchronized with the work of the spindle. Therefore, when the screen is open, the spindle will not rotate.
The use of appliances and special tools significantly increases the productivity of machines, expands the range of possible operations.

Standard supply

  • A set of electrical equipment
  • Cooling system with a pump
  • Work lighting
  • Drill chuck with a mandrel
  • Adapter sleeves
  • Protection screen at working area
  • Cutter adapter
  • Service tools
  • User’s guide

Options and additional supply

  • Programmable login controller for automatic table feeds in X and Y axes
  • Collets set d=6-16 mm
  • Adapter for collets
  • Precision machine vise 125 mm
  • End cutter d=80 mm
  • Worktable drive

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