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Vertical drilling machine 2L125

vertical drilling machine 2l125

Universal vertical drilling machine with column
model 2L125

is designed for drilling, threading, grooving, spotfacing and punching parts of medium and small size in the conditions of piece and small-lot production - hereinafter referred to as the machine.
Machine accuracy class – Н in accordance with GOST 8.
Climatic version – NF4 in accordance with 15150.

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The machine consists of a spindle box, column, base, table and console, electrical cabinet, lubricoolant unit and auxiliary equipment.
Spindle rotation is the principal movement of the machine.
The movement of the spindle along the axis, as well as the cross and longitudinal movement or rotation of the table, are feed movements.
The working table can move in the vertical direction and rotate around its axis, making an auxiliary movement.
Large parts can be machined by positioning and clamping on the base table.
Feeds are carried out by vertical feed drives.
The lubricoolant is supplied by a separate pump.
In the front part of the spindle box there are two levers for switching 12 steps of spindle speed. Their motion leads to the movement of triple and double gear wheels and a change in speed.
When one of the levers is set to the neutral position, the machine switches to the mode of manual spindle rotation, which is used to install/remove cutters and adjust the position of a workpiece processed.
Changing the feed move is carried out by a lever in the right corner of the spindle box.

Standard supply

  • Chuck Ø1-13mm В16
  • Wedge
  • Hand lever
  • Adapter sleeves
  • Mandrel МТ4-В16
  • Wrench handle 21х24
  • Electrical cabinet key
  • Safety cuttoff

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Warranty for "Vertical drilling machine 2L125"

The equipment has a 12 months warranty period from the moment the customer accepts commissioning work at its premises, but not more than 18 months from the date of shipment to the customer, provided that the customer observes the rules of operation, storage, transportation and installation.

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