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Rough grinding and sawing machine LTSh-4

rough grinding and sawing machine ltsh-4

Rough grinding machine, model LTSh-4 is intended for dry sharpening of tools and performing locksmith works. The use of additional specialized appliances also allows to polish and grind various products.

This equipment allows:

- to sharpen high-speed and equipped with plates made of hard alloy, cutting tools with a height of up to 100 mm;

- to sharpen drills with a diameter of 12 to 50 mm;

- to sharpen locksmith tools;

- to polish parts;

- to remove burrs and chamfers, as well as to carry out other locksmith works.

When using the proper accessories, rough grinding machines LTSh-4 can be used for grinding and polishing items.

The reviewed equipment consideration is manufactured on a rigid bed. It is also possible to fasten to the floor using anchor bolts.

The LTSh-4 machine is equipped with a pedestal, on the surface of which an electric motor is rigidly attached.

Grinding wheels in the amount of 2 pieces (each of them is guarded with a special fence, consisting of a safety visor and a protection screen) are installed on the cylindrical ends of the electric motor shaft.

The lower part of the fences must be cleared of abrasive dust at least once per work shift.

The availability of special holes on the rear sides of the fence allows to connect a workshop exhaust network or an individual dust extraction unit.

Models of rough grinding machines LTSh-4 are equipped with tool rests, the movement of which is carried out in the grooves in two directions.

The horizontal movement makes it possible to maintain the required gap of up to 3 mm between the tool rest and the wheel.

The vertical movement allows the processing of workpieces with different heights.

Standard supply

  • Service tools
  • Grinding wheels - 2 pcs.
  • User’s guide