Overhaul of the machine

Lipetsk Machine Tool Plant arries out a full complex of works on capital repair of the machine:
• Inspection and disassembly equipment;
• Repair of mechanical equipment and bringing the accuracy characteristics of the machine to the passport;
• Complete replacement of system electrics, electronics, hydraulics and station lubrication, the performance of electrical work.
The work is carried out by qualified specialists: designers, electronics, mechanics, technicians with years of experience in the machine tool industry.

Start-up and commissioning work

Commissioning is a guarantee of flawless, long-lasting operation of the machine. To organize and carry out commissioning works with equipment of any complexity with the necessary knowledge, experience and skills. The specialists of our company possess all these components of the successful launch of machine tools.

Warranty service

Lipetsk Machine Tool Plant pays special attention to warranty service of the supplied equipment. Our experts visit the place of the equipment, diagnosing problems, make the faulty statements and the list of required spare parts. After delivery all parts we carry out repair of equipment and provide a warranty on the work performed. Warranty service of machine tools production in Lipetsk machine-tool enterprises is carried out within 12 months, in accordance with the terms of the contract the delivery of equipment.

Consulting and training

Specialist Lipetsk Machine Tool Plant ready to make the training of technical staff of the Customer, and to advise on the choice of production technology and proper operation of metalworking equipment

Mechanical processing detail to customer blueprint

Lipetsk Machine Tool Plant carries out mechanical machining of parts, which includes:
• Laser and plasma cutting (1500х6000 mm);
• Grinding flat surfaces of large parts (630*2000*510÷560);
• Manufacture of anchor bolts, threading, turning, cylindrical products L up to 3000 mm;
• Cutting and bending metal up to 6 mm (2150 mm);
• Milling works (vertical milling, horizontal milling).